Youth Ministry Faith Formation - Class Information

General Announcements for all classes:
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Mr. Pitts
Grade 6 (Boys and Girls)

Mrs. DiRaddo, Mrs. Galchin
 Grade 6 (Girls)
Mrs. Vitrone
 Grade 6 (Boys and Girls)
Mr. Schlegel
Grade 6, 7 (Girls)
Mrs. Mulle
Grade 7 (Boys) 
Mrs. Aldrin
 Grade 7 (Girls) 
Mrs. Kooney
 Grade 8, 9 (Girls)
Mrs. Vartuli
 Grade 8 (Boys)
Mrs. John
 Grade 9 (Girls)
Mrs. Kuo
 Grade 9 (Boys)
Mrs. Yates, Mr. D'Angelo 
Grades 8, 9, 10 (Boys)
Mr. Zacharewicz
Grades 9, 10 (Girls)
Mrs. Savallo
 Grade 10 (Girls)
Mrs. Brady
 Grade 10 (Boys)