Youth Shout Outs
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Are your grades going up in school? Are you running for Student Council? Did you get accepted to a college? Are you trying out for a team or made a team? Did you get your driver's license or made it into the National Honor Society (NHS)? Did your family get a new pet? Did you try a new liturgical role during mass? Are you in a school play or competition? Will you perform for NYSSMA or be taking the NYSESLAT?

PTA Reflections Arts Program Winners, 2015
Saratoga Victorian Streetwalk, 2016
The Shen Ambassadors

Saratoga Central Middle School & High School

The Youth Ministry is here to pray for you during all life moments, especially those that present some challenges (in/outside of school)

Also, we are here to celebrate your successes. No success or step in the right direction is too small! 

Tell us about you and your news so we can share it with others! Send your name and story to:

Exchange/ visiting students make new friends!