The Corpus Christi Church Youth Ministry invites high school students to join us in a very special, two-year journey leading to a
wonderful gift... the Sacrament of Confirmation.
 Year One (Y1)
Confirmation Preparation
(intended for teens in grades 9 or above in anticipation of celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation the following year)

Year One Expectations Include:
--Regular participation at mass as a family
--Two monthly sessions of Seeking God Sunday
--Action Time! (minimum of three hours of community service offered though our program)

Year Two (Y2)
Immediate Confirmation Preparation
Intended for teens in grades 10 (age 15) or above who have completed at least one year of Confirmation preparation or the equivalent.

Year Two Expectations Include:
--Regular participation at mass as a family
--Attendance and participation at:
   *Presentation of Candidates Mass
   *Three teen AND parent/sponsor assigned, evening sessions (in collaboration with St. Mary's Crescent)
   *One monthly session of Seeking God Sunday
   *One retreat
   *Confirmation Celebration Rehearsal
   *Confirmation Celebration
--A personal conversation with the Pastor and/or Youth Ministry Administrator
--Action Time! (minimum of five hours of community service offered through our program)

Sacraments 101: Confirmation

Please Note:
The CCC Youth Ministry will begin to oversee the Confirmation Program (Y1 & Y2) September of 2017. Check out the YM calendar for Seeking God Sunday sessions, Confirmation (Y2) sessions, and Action Time! opportunities and sync your calendars today!

We welcome all! If you were not ready or able to accept and celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation as a 10th grader, no problem! Contact the Youth Ministry at (518) 877-8506 ext. 312 or Corpus Christi office at (518) 877-8506 for assistance.