Vacation Bible School

Save the Date
July 23 to July 27, 2018
9 AM to 12 PM

Dear Families,

Welcome to Adventures on Promise Island, where God's promises never change!

Each day at Promise Island children will participate in the excitement of Seaside Celebration, experience bible stories about God's promises at Lifeguard Lagoon, create service or craft projects at Project Pointe, enjoy snacks and learn more about God's promises at the Coconut Cafe, and play great games at Fun Time Falls!  And, through it all, they'll discover God's promises and His live-saving love!

Your kids won’t want to miss this adventure!

For more information please contact the Faith Formation Office at 518-877-8506 ext 373 or

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Brief Descriptions:

Supply Crew - work with Director to determine supplies needed for decorating, crafts, etc.  Distribute supplies as needed. (B, D)

Decorating Crew - work with Director to determine decoration requirements, assemble decorations as required, and decorate rooms (B)

Publicity Crew - work with Director to create publicity signs, announcements, etc. and post and distribute as needed. (B)

Catechist - work with Director to customize the VBS curriculum to reflect the Catholic teaching and modify lessons for age appropriate groups. Lead youth through the activities of your site in an engaging and fun way. Coach your catechist aide throughout the week so that he/she can teach a portion of the lesson by the end of the week.  (B, D)

Catechist Aide - assist Catechist with directing, leading, etc. youth at your site location. Model your catechist and work with him/her so that you can teach a portion of the lesson on Friday. (D)

Crew Leader - lead your group of youth from site to site according to the schedule for the day.  Assist leaders at site locations as needed and involve youth in discussion about the daily theme. (D) 

Photography - take pictures and video throughout each day at each site.  Prepare a short collage of photos each day to be posted on the website and Facebook.  After Thursday's session, prepare video showing the week's events that will be shown on Friday, as well as post on website and Facebook. (D, A)

Actor/Actress - Work with site leaders to determine the skits to be performed and then to perform in selected the selected skits for each day. (B,D) 

Follow-up Crew - prepare and distribute follow-up communications to VBS families. (A)

Clean-up Crew - immediately following the Friday session dismantle sites and restore Parish, Hall, DMC, meeting and class rooms to original set up. (A)

Key: "Y"  6th graders "T" is defined as 7th through 12th graders "A" is defined as 18 years and older

Registration Closed 

PreSchool (4 years old) to Grade 5* 
*2018 this is a change from previous years.

Registration fee is $25 per child


All volunteer opportunities have been filled.  7/10/18