Holy Thursday Music

Entrance: Lift High the Cross (BB 722, CP3 314)

Gloria: Christ Our Savior (BB 919, CP3 181)

Psalm: Our blessing cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ (Alstott)
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Washing of the Feet: Wait for the Lord (Taize) (choir sings refrain, Matt sings verses)

Preparation: As I Have Done for You (BB 143, CP3 270)

Mass of Creation: Holy Holy, When We Eat This Bread, Amen, Lamb of God (BB 880-883, CP3 140-143)

Communion: Eat This Bread (BB 333, CP3 538)

Procession to the Chapel: Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi (BB 24, CP3 272)

At the Chapel: Stay with Me (Taize)