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Advent 2014

posted Dec 18, 2014, 9:37 AM by Corpus Christi Pastor

In this season of Advent,
as we gather to wait
in the darkness of winter nights
for Jesus our Light to come,
may our hearts be filled
with your joy and promise.

The Blessing Candles

Dear Parishioners and friends of Corpus Christi Parish,

In Advent and Christmas time the Catholic Church calls us to celebrate the Incarnation: God becoming human in Jesus Christ, becoming human with us and for us. It’s true that God’s divine, eternal Son was born in Bethlehem once for all. But it is just as true that the Incarnation, like the mystery of the Cross, continues throughout all time, generation after generation. God is still becoming human by sharing his life with us. St. Augustine said that God became human so that human beings could become God, that is, daughters and sons of God, sharing in his divine life through Jesus Christ.

For most Christians, “Advent,” which means “coming,” remains a time to prepare for the joys of the wondrous season of Christmas.  During this season we would encourage you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to worship with your parish family. 

Our normal mass schedule is Saturday Vigil 4:00p.m., Sunday Masses at 8:00a.m., and 11:00a.m. On Christmas Eve we will celebrate Mass at 4:00p.m., 7:00p.m., and 10:00p.m. Christmas Day Mass is at 10:00a.m. Please join us and ask your family and friends to come as well. All are welcome in this place.

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas. May the peace, joy and love of Jesus and his Blessed Mother be with you always!  You, and your family, will be remembered in the intentions of our masses this Christmas season.

                                                                                                Peace n’ all good---

                                                                                                Father Jim