This page includes all ministry brochures in both Word and PDF format. If there is no download option in the "Old Brochure" column, that means either there was never a brochure made or I don't have the computer file. Generic brochures have been created for ministries that did not have a brochure.

These a tri-fold brochures that will fold this way:

To update your brochure:
Option 1: Download your brochure, edit on your own, email to me for printing (
Option 2: Print your brochure, scribble on it and write notes and corrections, and drop it off at the office
Option 3: View your brochure, email me the changes you'd like to see
Option 4: Set up a meeting with me to sit down and put together your brochure

When editing your brochure, keep in mind the following tips:
-The overall format and layout should remain the same for each ministry, giving the parish a uniform look
(color scheme/theme can change, fonts should remain the same)
-Real photos of actual ministers and events are encouraged, rather than clipart
-include practical information: what is the purpose, what can someone do, how can they get involved

To update your webpage:
Option 1: Some ministry leaders have the ability to log in to edit and maintain their own webpages. If you are one of those people, please make sure your page is up to date.
Option 2: If you'd like the ability to log in so you can maintain your own page, email me and we'll set it up (
Option 3: View your webpage and email me the updates.

Questions?? Email me!


Old Brochure
(Word Document)
Old Brochure
Revised Brochure
(Word Document)
Revised Brochure
BarbAdopt-A-Family  DownloadDownloadWebpage
EileenAdult Faith Formation  DownloadDownloadWebpage
PhyllisAltar Linens  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Beth, JasonAltar Servers  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Laura, RichBaptismal Preparation  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Ken, CarrieBook Club  DownloadDownloadWebpage
GaryBoy Scouts   
DickBuildings & Grounds  DownloadDownloadWebpage
PeggyChristian Service  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Rosemarie, EileenCLOWDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
JeanCommunion OutreachDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
MattCraft Fair  DownloadDownloadWebpage
DanCub Scouts    Webpage
JudyEucharistic Minister  DownloadDownloadWebpage
PaulEvangelization  DownloadDownloadWebpage
EileenFaith Formation Catchiest  

JeanFood PantryDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
MikeGarden  DownloadDownloadWebpage

Hospitality  DownloadDownloadWebpage
ScottKnights of Columbus  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Gina, ReginaLiturgical Environment  DownloadDownloadWebpage
MattMarriage Preparation  DownloadDownloadWebpage
GailMoney Counters
Clara?Mother Mary Rosary  DownloadDownloadWebpage

Rob, ShirleyPastoral CareDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
JohnPastoral CouncilDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
JeanPrayer Shawl  DownloadDownloadWebpage
JudyReader  DownloadDownloadWebpage
LindaThanksgiving Baskets  DownloadDownloadWebpage
EileenVacation Bible School  DownloadDownloadWebpage
TinaWelcome Ministry  DownloadDownloadWebpage
Doc, BobWelcome TableDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage
JeanWomen's Group  DownloadDownloadWebpage
ChristineYoung Adult  DownloadDownloadWebpage
DjemilaYouth MinistryDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadWebpage