I lead a ministry and communicate with members.

If you lead a ministry and communicate with members and parishioners, you are now a "List Administrator."  A List includes a group of subscribers and a records of Notes (like emails) that have been sent to the subscribers.  Anyone can subscribe to or unsubscribe from your List (unless it's private...more on that later).

Please bear with me (Matt) as you read through this.  Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy and it will be tremendously beneficial to communicating with the members of the church.

STEP 1: Log In (if you've already registered and logged in, skip to Step 2)

You should use the same log in procedure as anyone else joining Flocknote:

1. Click here to go to Corpus Christi's Flocknote webpage. (This link will open the page in a new tab or window)
You will see the Corpus Christi network and all of the ministries available through Flocknote.
2. Click the green "Join this Network" button at the top right of Corpus Christi's site.
3. Enter your first and last name, email address, and a password. (Note: Corpus Christi administrators do not have access to passwords)
4. Click "Register."

STEP 2: Email Matt

You now have a Flocknote account, but you need to be made an Administrator of the list(s) you manage.  For that, email Matt (matt.duclos@gmail.com) and say "Make me a List Administrator for the ?? List."  He will click a few things and send you an email back letting you know you are now a List Administrator for the ?? List.  Now go on to Step 3!

STEP 3: Managing your list

This step includes a couple things:
-Add subscribers to your list
-Send notes to your subscribers


1. Log in.  You will notice an "Admin" label next to the Lists you manage.
2. Click the list you manage.  (in the example, it's Youth Ministry)
3. At the top, click "Subscribers"  

4. You will now see the list of subscribers.  
Click "Add Subscribers" at the top.

5. Enter the necessary information and click "Add New Member."

Note: A phone number and/or email must be entered.  Both pieces of information are not required, only one.

If the member is already part of Corpus Christi's Flocknote network, click "Add an Existing Member" on the left.  Search for the name and click "Add Existing Member."

If you have your contact list in Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Contacts, there is an easier way (potentially) to import all of the email addresses without having to retype all of them.  You can use the "Import Members from File" option.  Click here for more info.
(confused? Email Matt.)


A "Note" is Flocknote's version of an email.  But, Flocknote has some pretty cool features you can include in your Notes like videos, pictures, polls, and calendar events.  You can also attach files like a regular email.
1. Click "+ Create Note" at the top of the page.  

2. Click to add a subject (just like an email)


3. Type your message (just like an email).  

4. Use the controls at the top of the message to change the font, justification, etc. (just like a Word document).  

5. To add an image, click "Insert Image" and choose a file from your computer.

6. To add a video, click "Insert Video" and copy and paste the YouTube link into the box. (Note: only the link to the video will show up as you're writing the note, not the video itself.  But, the actual video will show up in the email a subscriber receives)

More information about the 4 options at the bottom of the Note:
Schedule a Note: Use this feature to send a Note at a scheduled time.  Useful for sending a Note at a "normal" time so as not to disturb people who may receive text message notifications, or schedule meeting/event reminders.
Add a File: Just like attaching a file to an email.
Add an Event: Send Subscribers information about an event.
They can RSVP directly from their email.

Add a Poll: Create a poll question and possible answers for Subscribers to submit.


6. After you're done composing your Note, click either "Sent Note" to send it or "Save Draft" to save it and work on it later.  

From the List page, you can see any "Scheduled Notes" and edit any "Drafts."