Welcome to the Corpus Christi Flocknote webpage!  This page has resources to help everyone utilize the Flocknote system.

What is Flocknote?
Flocknote is an online communications system that has the capability to send email newsletters, text messages, phone calls, and social media updates.  Corpus Christi's Flocknote network includes lists for each ministry: Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Music, Knights of Columbus, etc.  Flocknote users can subscribe to any list to receive news and announcements about that particular ministry.  Users can choose to receive emails and/or text messages, and they can reply to other members of the list.  For example, a Eucharistic Minister needs to reschedule his or her weekend, messages can be sent to all the other members of the Eucharistic Ministers list.

Well, why not just use email? 
Email lists have been used for years and work well.  But maybe you'd like to receive communications via text message.  Maybe you want to receive messages from a ministry, but you don't know how to get on the contact list.  Flocknote gives the user the ability to control what messages they receive and how they receive them.  When a ministry uses email, new members of the church are unable to see a history of what has been communicated.  Flocknote maintains records of these Notes to keep everyone informed and up to date.  Email lists require the sender to maintain an accurate list of contact information, while Flocknote allows the user to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to whichever list he or she chooses.  It also allows Corpus Christi to maintain more accurate records of contact information.

How To Use This Webpage
This webpage has step-by-step instructions for Flocknote users to set up their account.  It also has step-by-step instructions for Flocknote List Administrators (Ministry Leaders) on how to send a Note (like a fancy email) to your group.

I am a...
Flocknote User
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List Administrator
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