Safe Environment Implementation

October 2014



Dear Corpus Christi Parents,


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany (RCDA) is committed to meeting its responsibility of ensuring that our children and young people are safe from harm, especially that of sexual abuse.  The RCDA upholds the principles contained in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (Charter), as adopted by the Bishops of the United States in June 2002, by enforcing compliance policies and procedures for all Parishes, Schools and Diocesan offices to adhere to.  Key requirements of the Charter include:


Safe Environment Training for Adults; Background Checks, and Screening - All individuals (over the age of 18), who are either paid parish personnel or volunteers, who have regular contact with children and youth, must: 


1) receive Virtus: Protecting God’s Children training , and

2) undergo a background check prior to commencing their work or service, and 

3) sign the Standard Code of Conduct as a condition of their employment or volunteer participation.  


Further, all parish volunteer catechists and youth ministers are required to complete an Application and provide two character references.   The references are called and the Application is reviewed and approved by the Parish Priest or Parish Life Director. 


Safe Environment Training for Children and Youth - All children in the Faith Formation and Youth Ministry programs are to complete Safe Environment Training.  Child sexual abuse prevention includes empowering children by teaching them personal safety skills that help keep them safe from dangerous and abusive situations, including internet safety awareness. The RCDA provides an age appropriate curriculum for Safe Environment Training to be used by parishes in their Faith Formation and Youth Ministry programs.


During the weeks of November 9th and 16th all Corpus Christi Faith Formation classes will view an age-appropriate, Diocesan-approved Safe Environment DVD.  Children will be grouped by grades as follows: Grades K - 2, Grades 3 -5, and Grades 6-8.  Grades 9 & 10 will receive their training within the Confirmation program by attending the Respect and Relationship class.  For families with 11th and 12th graders, you will receive information on their training in a separate letter.


We encourage parents to stay and watch the presentation with their child.  If you are unable to attend class or would like to view the presentation material in advance, I have attached the information in PDF format.  If you choose not to have your child watch the presentation, you may “opt-out” of this training.  For those families opting-out of the training a release document must be signed.  Please see me for the form.


We know that ministry with children and youth, in particular, is a sacred trust.  We, at Corpus Christi Church are committed to preserve, at all times and in all places, this sacred trust which is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming Safe Environment Training, please do not hesitate to contact me.


In peace,

Eileen Earle
Coordinator of Religious Education

877-8506 ext 373

Safe Environment Training Video Information

Downloadable Resources
Kindergarten to
2nd Grade

3rd Grade to 5th Grade

6th Grade to 8th Grade
Would you like to volunteer?

ts, 18yrs and older, working with youth in our parish need to complete the following forms and training:
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Middle School and High School student volunteering in the parish need to complete the Youth Code of Conduct.
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Any volunteer communicating on behalf of our parish and/or using parish computer or other technology, must complete the appropriate form:
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All completed forms should be sealed in an envelope, marked "Confidential", addressed to "Eileen Earle" and returned to the Parish office for processing.

Parent Fact Sheet:
Keeping your Child Safe

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

 How to Report Sexual Abuse
Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany