9th Grade Conformation Preparation Program
Next Session:
October 5th ~ Decision Point

To be Completed at Home:
  • Videos: 1.2 & 1.3
  • Work Book pages: 5 & 11
Material Needed for Class:
  • Decision Point Workbook
  • Bible

2014- 2015 Schedule
Classes Meet 12:15pm to1:45pm


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Schedule and Community Service Form.

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We are very excited to introduce Decision Point!

"It is our hope that this program will not only prepare young Catholics for the Sacrament of Confirmation in a dynamic way, but also teach and inspire them to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstance of their daily lives, long after their Confirmation has passed." ~ The Dynamic Catholic Team

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Sessions not be covered in class, but are recommended to cover on your own.