9th Grade Confirmation Preparation Program

9th Grade Confirmation Preperation

 Final Project Info
Will be completed in session 4/30/17
Dear first year Confirmation families,

As presented during yesterday’s class, there will be a final class project that the students will be working on during the last 9th grade class scheduled for Sunday, April 30th.

Each student will be designing a Facebook page for Jesus – here are the details:
  • Poster board, markers, stamps w/ink, and stencils will be provided.
  • Students are welcome to bring additional art supplies.
  • Each student, between now and April 30th, should research and design a draft, on paper, on how his/her Facebook page for Jesus will look like.
  • Include a photo (either hand-drawn or printed from a website to be pasted to the poster board), likes, dislikes, hashtags, friend lists (Disciples), personal history, etc. about Jesus.
  • Research using your Bible, Decision Point book, the internet, etc.

    ** NOTE: These posters will be displayed so it’s very important for each student to do their work to the best of their ability.
This year has gone by quickly ! This final project will be a fun and creative way to mark the end of a great year working with each of you !!

Any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Earle or myself.

Peace & It’s All Good,
Mrs. Marra-Thompson

 Praying the Rosary

  How the Bible is Organized

We are very excited to introduce Decision Point!

"It is our hope that this program will not only prepare young Catholics for the Sacrament of Confirmation in a dynamic way, but also teach and inspire them to respond and cooperate with God’s grace in all the circumstance of their daily lives, long after their Confirmation has passed." ~ The Dynamic Catholic Team

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