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First Year Makeup

First Year Confirmation Preparation Makeup Program

After reviewing several curriculum options, I have decided to use the Decision Point Confirmation preparation program for those 10th graders that did not complete the first year Confirmation preparation program.    Decision Point uses videos and small group discussions to prepare our youth for Confirmation, while at the same time show our youth how to live our Catholic faith.  Decision Point is a 12 session program, however we will only be viewing a handful of the sessions. 

For our abbreviated program, we will be using the videos, but not meeting in small groups or using the workbook. For each session, you will be asked to watch all videos in that session. I will select only 3 to 4 questions from the session for you reflect on and write down your answer/thoughts. You will be sending these answers/thoughts back to me via email. I will be reading all assignments. The second part of the lesson is designed to complete together with your parents. There is no written portion to this part of the lesson. It is designed for you and parents to reflect on the topic and then discuss the reflection questions together.

For the first assignment we will be reviewing Session One: Life's Choices. There is an introductory video, along with five other videos, many of them are short; ten minutes or less. I encourage you, when possible, to watch all the videos together with your parents. Videos for all the sessions, are available on the Dynamic Catholic website using this link

Links to the first assignment and the remaining assignments are below.  These are available in Microsoft  Word and PDF.  You may submit your completed questions to me by email or drop them in off at the faith formation office.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

In peace,
Eileen Earle
518-877-8506 ext. 373

First Year Confirmation ~ Make-up Program