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Who said Faith Formation has to only be for Children?!  

      Are you a parent who would like to enrich your faith in order to better share it with your children?

      Are you new to the Church?  Have you recently returned to the Church?   Was the last religion class you attended before Vatican II or just before you made your Confirmation?  Would like to learn more of or rediscover your Catholic faith?

      Are you attending Mass in order to support a Catholic family member or friend and would like to learn about the traditions and symbols of their faith?

      Would you enjoy spending an hour refilling your spiritual bucket with friends and fellow parishioners?

You are invited to enrich, rediscover, or learn the Catholic Faith, as well as discover simple, practical ways you can live out your faith in your busy, every day life . 


Knowing the Faith
  • Journey of Faith
  • Divine Revelation (see trailer below)
  • The Bible (see trailer below)
  • The Story of Salvation
  • Who is Jesus
  • The Pascal Mystery (see trailer below)
  • The Holy Spirit and the Gift of Grace
  • Why Do I Need the Church? (see trailer below)
  • Mary and the Saints
  • The Last Things (see trailer below)

Living the Faith:
    • The Sacraments
    • The Eucharist 
    • A Walk Through the Mass
    • Who is Jesus
    • Penance and Anointing of the Sick
    • Matrimony and Holy Orders
      • (see trailer below)
    • A Catholic Moral Vision
    • A Love That Lasts
      • (see trailer below)
    • Catholic School Teaching - Part 1
      • (see trailer below)
    • Catholic School Teaching - Part 2 

Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us and the Compass for Our Lives

The Bible: God's Love Letter to Humanity

Why Do I Need the Church?: The Mystery of the Catholic Church

The Pascal Mystery: The Mystery of Jesus' Death and Resurrection

The Last Things: What Happens After We Die?

Matrimony and Holy Orders: The Sacraments of Service & Communion

A Love That Lasts: God's Plan for Sexuality

Catholic Social Teaching