Choose Christ Youth Mass

The "Choose Christ Youth Mass" at Corpus Christi is a Mass open to all, yet geared toward youth and young adults.  Its evening time of 5:30 pm on Sunday will accommodate families and the schedules of those who work during the weekend.  It will feature a Contemporary Music Ensemble consisting of keyboard, percussion, guitars, vocalists, and other instrumentalists.  This Mass has been offered once per month on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  If  attendance indicates it is a popular time, and there are enough volunteers to cover the ministries during the Mass, it may be offered more frequently. *This mass is currently on hold.  Please check with the office before attending.

Music for the CCYM will be selected from the regular Breaking Bread hymnal and supplemented by the Choose Christ contemporary music supplement.  Vocalists, guitarists, percussionists, and instrumentalists are welcome to play and sing in the ensemble.  See the Contemporary Music Ensemble webpage for more information.

Ministry Sign-Ups
The success of the CCYM will depend on parishioners volunteering to fulfill the ministries during the Mass.  See the Doodle calendar below to sign up for a ministry.  If you need training for a particular ministry, please contact Judy Mullins.

To sign up, type your name (first name, last initial) in the white box where it says "Your Name" and check the appropriate boxes.  Scroll all the way to the right and click the blue "Save" button to submit your selections.  If your name is already listed, you can edit your choices (including adding to or deleting your choices) by clicking the blue pencil to the left of your name.  The pencil shows up when you hover your mouse over your name.  Make sure to save any of your changes.

If you are viewing the calendar from a mobile device, or if it isn't showing up below, click here to go directly to the calendar.