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 Bible Study

Corpus Christi offers a broad series of adult bible studies based in the ecumenical program known as Disciple Bible Study. The goal of the program is to develop strong Catholic Christian leaders through the regular in-depth study of Scripture. The bible study will enhance your experience of Sunday liturgy and your spiritual journey as well as call forth and nurture your gifts as a member of the Body of Christ. The parish bible study is aimed at personal transformation as well as learning information.

The course offerings each year are dependent upon and scheduled based upon both enrollments and the availability of group leaders for the program. The parish provides group leader training. Information night and sign-up are announced in the parish bulletin and take place in late August – early September.

Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study is an overview of both the Old Testament and New Testament following the great themes of salvation history. Participants will read about 70% of the bible in this course. Invitation To The Old Testament and Invitation To The New Testament are an abbreviated version of DBS running 7 – 90 minute sessions each. Completion of either Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study or the two Short-Term Bible Studies is a prerequisite for the remaining programs.
· Into the Word and Into the World provides an in depth study of the Five Books of Moses (Torah) and Luke-Acts.
· Remember Who You Are studies the Prophets (Neviim) and the Letters of St. Paul.
· Under the Tree of Life concentrates on the Writings (Ketuvim) and the Gospel and Letters of John, and James, Jude and Revelation.