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 Alzheimer's Care Team
What is an Alzheimer's Care Team?
Eddy Alzheimer's Care Team exist to provide support and companionship to individuals with some form of memory loss, whether it is due to Alzheimers Disease or other related dementias. Volunteers provide much needed respite care for caregivers and socialization for the person with the disease. These caring individuals strive to make life better for both caregivers and the patients.

Facts About Alzheimers
-1 in 8 persons over 65 will be diagnosed with the disease
-Half those over 85 will be diagnosed with the disease
-80% of Alzheimers patients are cared for at home by family

Commitment as a Volunteer
-The average volunteer offers just 2-3 hours per month
-As a volunteer, you give the time you can when you can
-All volunteers are offered training and continued support from the staff at Eddy Alzheimer's Services
-Teams of volunteers meet once every six weeks in their parishes for an hour to review patients' and caregivers' needs